River bank walk running parallel to the cycle track through Beckenham Place Park – 22 May 2014
Following the storms last year, three trees have fallen and blocked the path. Many residents very much enjoy walking along this path but are hampered by the trees. We have asked David Walton, Leisure Manager at London Borough of Lewisham, to arrange for them to be cleared. See the following (multiple pictures are shown but there are in fact only three fallen trees across the path):





The first two pictures in particular show that one tree is causing a substantial obstruction to the flow of the river itself, and as such we have also sent information about this obstruction to the Environment Agency.

River Ravensbourne – 2 January 2014
Following the River Ravensbourne overtopping its banks in the storm before Christmas, readers might find the following web site interesting:

It gives details of the height of water in rivers in our area.

And here is a website containing general information about the Ravensbourne:

though note that the history or tradition of the origin of the Ravensbourne given there appears to be entirely fanciful. In reality, the earliest documented name is Randesbourne 1360, then Rendesburne 1372, Randysborne 1516 and Ravensburn 1575. The later spelling is thus due to folk etymology, and the likely meaning is 'boundary stream', from Old English rand  and burna. In its ten-mile course, the Ravensbourne forms the boundary between several sets of parishes.

Storm damage
Some storm damage pictures:  a tree down across the footpath next to Warren Avenue Playing Fields and two new water features on the golf course after the river overtopped its banks.