Bromley Court Hotel driving test centre – Update – 11 April 2017
The application, ref. No. 17/00422/FULL2for the change of use of part of the Bromley Court Hotel to a driving test centre (sui generis) for a temporary 12 month period has been permitted.

Nearby owners/occupiers were notified of the application and representations were received which can be summarised as follows:
  • One letter of general support received.
  • Concern raised in respect to the increase in vehicle movements and parking and general congestion on surrounding highway network
  • Car parking for the hotel use is diminished by the proposal and further development of the hotel should provide suitable car parking.
  • Vehicle test manoeuvres on Coniston Road would add to the parking and highway safety issues on the road.
  • The location is inappropriate for such a use, impacting on a large number of local residents.
  • The use is already operating at the hotel and should not be until planning permission is granted
  • Notification of the application has not included the entirety of Coniston Road residents.
  • Concern is raised that the proposed use will be permanent, not temporary as applied for.
The main issues relating to the application were the effect that it has on the character of the area and the impact that it has on the amenities of the occupants of surrounding residential properties. The impact on highway safety is also a consideration. 

The proposal operates during daytime hours and is confined to the existing building and hotel car park. It is not considered that the development generates a degree of noise and disturbance that impacts harmfully on the amenities of neighbouring residential properties, with up to seven tests conducted daily from Monday to Friday only.

In regards to highway safety, it is considered that the provision of six car parking spaces does not impact harmfully. The use generates an additional level of traffic at the site. However, in light of the small number of tests occurring on a daily basis, this is not considered to impact on conditions of highway safety. The use of six of the existing car parking spaces for staff is also considered suitable for the use and does not result in a shortage of car parking for the remaining hotel staff and customers. The results of occupancy survey satisfactorily demonstrate that there will be no detrimental impacts to either the hotel's or DVSA's operations and there will be no overflow of parking on to Coniston Road or other neighbouring roads.

Having had regard to the above it was considered that the siting, size and design of the proposal is acceptable in that it does not result in a significant loss of amenity to local residents nor impact detrimentally on the character of the area. No impact on highway safety results from the proposal. 

The Delegation Report and Decision dated 10 April 2017 are available.

Bromley Court Hotel driving test centre – Update – 8 April 2017
The application, ref. No. 17/00422/FULL2for the change of use of part of the Bromley Court Hotel to a driving test centre (sui generis) for a temporary 12 month period is now pending decision.

Bromley’s Road Safety section has been receiving telephone calls from the residents of Coniston Road enquiring about the number of learner vehicles using this road and also concerned that Bromley Court Hotel was operating a Driving School. According to the residents the volume of traffic has increased dramatically.

Each time highways officers visited Bromley Court Hotel they have found the car park fully occupied. There is concern that the car park does not have the capacity to accommodate any cars from any additional activity, so they said they would still like to see an occupancy survey, i.e. actual number of cars parked in the hotel car park between 1000 hours to 1200 hours and then between 1300 hours and 1500 hours on any two busy weekdays for the hotel.

The applicants have now provided the survey requested (including percentages against the 82 total car parking spaces available expressed to four significant figures).

Bromley Court Hotel driving test centre – Update – 7 March 2017
The application, ref. No. 17/00422/FULL2for the change of use of part of the Bromley Court Hotel to a driving test centre (sui generis) for a temporary 12 month period has now been marked:


The driving test centre opened on 30 January 2017, and tests have been available to book since 16 January 2017.

The neighbour consultation expiry date is still Monday 13 March 2017.

Bromley Court Hotel driving test centre – 20 February 2017

A new application, ref. No. 17/00422/FULL2, has been made for the change of use of part of the Bromley Court Hotel to a driving test centre (sui generis) for a temporary 12 month period. The structure of the proposed testing is set out below:
  1. Test candidates and their instructor would enter the site via Coniston Road in their vehicle. The examiner would then swap places with the instructor. 
  2. The car exits the site via Coniston Road to undertake the driving test, which takes up to 1 hour. 
  3. The test would end on site or on nearby Coniston Road. De-brief would follow. 
  4. On completion of the test, the candidate and instructor will leave and the examiner will use the identified office space to write up the test reports.
The wider premises are in use as a hotel. This application refers to the temporary change of use of part of the site only from C1 Hotel use to sui generis use for Driving Test Centre purposes for a period of 6 months initially, after which it will be reviewed with a view to extending the arrangement. The justification for this use is to meet local need/demand. The proposed number of tests would be limited to 6 examiners each undertaking 7 tests per day (maximum).

The proposal is said to benefit the local economy by allowing the testing facility to increase the numbers of tests being carried out and facilitate the additional employment of testing staff in the local area. No internal or external changes are proposed as a result of these proposals.

The Planning Statement is available. The neighbour consultation expiry date is Monday 13 March 2017.

Update – 24 October 2015
The hybrid planning application, No. 15/02452, has been granted subject to various conditions (thirty-seven in total). See the decision.

Proposed penthouse suite with hot tub in tower

Update – 6 October 2015
The following additional documents are now available from the Bromley planning website on planning application, No. 15/02452:
  • Surface Water Drainage Letter
  • Superseded Proposed Revised Sections
  • Superseded Revised Elevations
  • Revised Proposed Elevations
  • Revised Proposed Section
  • Revised Proposed First Floor Plan
  • Revised Site Plan As Proposed
  • Tower Lantern Detail
Update – 30 July 2015
A hybrid planning application, No. 15/02452, comprising –
  • Full Planning Permission for demolition of the existing plant rooms and refurbishment of the existing hotel including part one storey / three storey / four storey / five storey extensions and elevational alterations to provide function room, meeting rooms, beauty salon, kitchens, additional bedrooms, energy centre, staff accommodation and offices; together with
  • Outline Planning Permission for the erection of a new leisure centre (including gym, activity room and swimming pool) as well as alterations to the existing access and increased parking provision (total 92 spaces)
has been made for the Bromley Court Hotel, Coniston Road, Bromley BR1 4JD. The following fifty-one documents are available from the Bromley planning website:
  • A Summary of the Attachments in the Proposal
  • Appendix A Public Transport Maps
  • Application Form – Without Personal Data
  • Arboricultural Impact Assessment
  • Arboricultural Method Statement
  • Biodiversity Survey and Report
  • CIL Form
  • Construction Management Plan
  • Design & Access Statement
  • Design & Access Statement 2
  • Design & Access Statement 3
  • Elevations Sheet 1 of 3
  • Elevations Sheet 2 of 3
  • Elevations Sheet 3 of 3
  • Energy Statement and Low and Zero Carbon Technology Assessment
  • First Floor Plan 1
  • First Floor Plan 2
  • Fourth Floor Plant Room and Staff Accommodation
  • Ground Floor Plan
  • How The Fee Was Calculated
  • Land Contamination Assessment
  • Letter from PDA Associates dated 4th June 2015
  • Phase Drawings
  • Planning Statement
  • Planning Vision Statement
  • Proposed Elevations
  • Proposed First Floor Plan
  • Proposed Fourth Floor Plan
  • Proposed Ground Floor Plan
  • Proposed Roof Plan
  • Proposed Second Floor Plan and Wheelchair Accessible Room Layout
  • Proposed Section
  • Proposed Third Floor Plan
  • Roof Plan
  • Second Floor Plan
  • Sections Sheet 1 of 2
  • Sections Sheet 2 of 2
  • Site Plan as Existing
  • Site Plan as Existing
  • Site Plan as Proposed
  • Site Plan Showing Areas of New Hard Surfacing and Proposed Soakaways
  • Statement of Community Involvement
  • Summary Construction Programme
  • Sustainable Drainage Assessment Report
  • Third Floor Plan
  • Transport Assessment
  • Transport Assessment 2
  • Transport Assessment 3
  • Transport Assessment 4
  • Travel Plan
  • Tree Protection Plan
Bromley Court Hotel – proposed extension, upgrade and enhancement works – 24 March 2015

We have received the following invitation from Max Ball at the Bromley Court Hotel:

I am writing to advise you of a public exhibition that we are holding in the The Ravensbourne Room at the Hotel between the hours of 2.00pm and 7.00pm on Friday, 27th March 2015, and 10.00a.m to 1.30pm on Saturday, 28th March 2015.

The purpose of the exhibition is to provide information about our proposals to extend, upgrade and enhance the Hotel. Although the proposals will involve only a small increase in the number of guest rooms, they will involve extensions to the entrance lobby and foyer; the meeting and function rooms and the leisure, swimming and changing facilities.

Illustrations of what is proposed will be on display at the exhibition and members of the Hotel and Project Team will be in attendance to answer queries and assist in providing further information.

Local residents have been notified of the public exhibition.

I hope that this may also be of interest to your Members.

If you considered that it would be useful for us to attend the next meeting of the RVPS to present the proposals, please let me know and we can organise this.

Max Ball
Managing Director
Bromley Court Hotel
Bromley Hill
Tel:        020 8461 8638

Hopefully we can take up their offer of a presentation.