Update - 10 August 2017

We have asked Lewisham Council on various occasions to notify us via e-mail about new search results for planning applications, but they always fail to do so. Maybe this makes life easier for them, as our residents do not get to hear about planning applications until it is too late to do anything.

A typical example is a new application, ref. No. DC/17/100897, made on 28 March 2017 for the demolition of the building at 50 Ashgrove Road, Bromley BR1 4JW and the construction of 2 two-bedroom maisonettes and 2 four-bedroom houses, together with associated landscaping and the provision of refuse stores, car parking and cycle spaces. The following are available on the file:

  • Decision notice
  • 50 Ashgrove Road proposed site lighting drainage block plan and materials.
  • T105 – Track 3A - car into and out of parking space 1:100@A3
  • Green roof specification
  • Green roof vegetation details
  • Green roof maintenance
  • Proposed green roof plan and section
  • Archaeological assessment report
  • Application form
  • Marketing report appendix 8 – condition report
  • Archaeological assessment report
  • Condition report
  • Marketing report
  • Marketing report appendix 7 – commercial details
  • Proposed maisonette flats plans sections and elevations
  • Sustainability statement
  • Road site location plan
  • Transport statement
  • Arboricultural impact assessment
  • Arboricultural appendices
  • Tree protection plan appendix
  • Tree survey plan appendix
  • Phase 1 PRA report
  • Planning statement
  • Existing site survey
  • Existing plans and elevations
  • Proposed site plan and cross sections
  • Proposed site lighting drainage block plan and materials
  • Proposed houses plans sections and elevations
  • Design and access statement appendix 8 – pre-application version
  • Design and access statement appendix 9 – submitted drawings
  • Phase 1 PRA report
  • Design and access statement

See especially the planning statement, the design and access statement, and the decision notice dated 3 August 2017. The application was refused for the following reasons:

  1. The principle of residential use cannot be determined as the application fails to sufficiently justify the loss of the established employment site, contrary to Core Strategy Policy 5: Other employment locations (2011), and DM Policy 11 Other employment locations of the Development Management Local Plan (November 2014).

  2. The accessway into the site, by reason of its length and limited width would fail to provide sufficient space for two vehicles to pass, whilst the width of the pedestrian footpath would be inadequate. Subsequently, the proposal would create potential pedestrian and vehicular conflict, and would fail to provide sufficient access for a fire emergency vehicle, contrary to Policy 3.5 Quality and Design of Housing Development of the London Plan (adopted March 2015, incorporating March 2016 Minor Alterations), Policy 14 Sustainable movement and transport of the Core Strategy (2011), and DM Policy 29 Car parking, DM Policy 30 Urban design and local character, and DM Policy 33 Development on infill sites, backland sites, back gardens and amenity areas of the Development Management Local Plan (November 2014).

  3. The proposed waste and refuse storage provision for the 6 proposed dwellings, by reason of its design and location is likely have a detrimental impact on the amenities of the occupiers No. 48 Ashgrove Road though noise and disturbance contrary to DM Policy 32 Housing design, layout and space standards, of the Development Management Local Plan 2014.

50 Ashgrove Road, Bromley - 24 January 2015
Local residents will be pleased to know that the proposal to convert old buildings at 50 Ashgrove Road, Bromley BR1 4JW (the old Masons Scaffolding yard) to residential dwellings has been refused at Appeal. Details of the Inspector's decision can be found here.

In conclusion:

  • The appeal site is approached over a narrow, single track roadway with no separate footway. It provides insufficient space for two vehicles to pass and for the provision of pedestrian refuges, or for bin storage in a location to meet the requirements of the Council’s refuse service and for access by emergency vehicles.
  • National policy [states] that: “Plans and decisions should take account of whether safe and suitable access to the site can be delivered for all people …
  • For all of these reasons, the potential conflict between vehicles and pedestrians and concerns regarding the storage and collection of waste provide justifiable reasons why prior approval should not be granted.